Monday, December 25, 2000

The Little Apple Tree

Once upon a time in a forest with no name, grew a little apple tree. The little apple tree hated what it was, for it was the smallest tree in the middle of the forest of big oak trees. Every day the little apple tree looked up and saw the branches of the oak trees reaching high into the heavens. At night when the sky was darkest the little apple tree would look to the big oak trees and see their branches filled with stars. How envious of their beauty, size and strength was the little apple tree. So the little apple tree prayed “dear Lord, can I please be like the big oak trees? Big, strong, tall and important with stars in my branches.” The Lord said “be patient”.

Seasons changed and the little apple grew, beautiful blossoms came out on the tree branches and it was the only tree in the forest which bloomed. Yet the little apple tree did not want flowers in its branches, the little apple tree wanted stars. So the little apple tree prayed, “dear Lord, can I please, please be like the oak trees? Tall, strong and important with stars in my branches.” The Lord answered “Be patient, little apple tree.”

Seasons changed and the flowers on the tree floated gracefully to forest floor and in their place apples began to grow. When they ripened, passersby would pick the fruit and remark how they were the most delicious apples ever tasted! Alas, the envy of the apple tree was not stopped by the compliments and praise. It was mad. (It would have stamped its feet if it had them) So the little apple tree practically shouted “LORD, can I PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEEASE, be like the big oak trees? Big, tall strong, important,– with STARS IN MY BRANCHES (not this stupid fruit)!!!”

The wind started blowing, branches were straining against the fierceness of the coming storm, and all the trees in the forest bowed down before the Lord. The little apple tree started shaking. An apple fell from the tree and broke open (horizontally when cut the seeds inside will appear in a five pointed star). The Lord said, “little apple tree look down. What do you see?” In amazement, the little apple tree said “I see stars! I have stars in my branches” The Lord said, “you see little apple tree what your heart desired I had hidden inside you all along, I made you exactly who I wanted you to be.” The little apple tree grew proudly amidst the forest of big oak trees hiding its stars of the heart!