Sunday, September 01, 2002

Ministry, Miracles and Mexican Food

In summer my travel and ministry activity slowed, but with the intercontinental schedule I kept the first six months of the year it came as a welcome relief. But one activity I try never to miss is my weekly Mexican food night with Rebekah “Giggles” Berry. My time with my “best good friend” is one of the highlights of my week.
Rebekah loved the idea of being made a clown at camp the first year CARE EE was there – and every year since – she is known to all as “Giggles the clown.” She sings, dances, and does her own tricks! Her smile and laughter is straight from the angels. Since we met at the Joni & Friends Family Camp, in our weekly times together over ‘enchilada specials’ I feel as though I’ve dined with a special emissary of the King.

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2

Whenever we’re together she never fails to ask Jesus to bless me. She’s even been know to stop mid “chip and salsa” bite to ask Jesus to meet one of her friend CARE EE’s needs. One Saturday night I was eating dinner with Rebekah and her high priority was my answer to an invitation to her Sunday school class. Every five minutes she would interrupt and ask for an answer. “CARE EE have you thought about it yet?” “No, Rebekah, I will let you know.” When Rebekah said the blessing before dinner she prayed, “Dear Lord, please help CARE EE to think about coming to my Sunday school class. Lord, we know You can do miracles, and this would be a miracle if she came to my Sunday school class. We want Your miracle. Amen”

I was embarrassed. I should have just said yes. My acceptance of a simple invitation was hardly miracle material! Now she was praying for the Lord to change my mind and bring her a miracle. The next morning, as I got ready to join Rebekah for Sunday school, the phone rang. It was her mother Jane, asking me to bring my little wooden apple so I could share a story with her class. I packed my props and my shame and asked the Lord to forgive me, and use me as an answer to my dear friend’s prayer. During the announcements, the director told the large group (of very special people) that three of the teachers were absent and they were going to have a tough time filling in with a program.

There in my bag was Rebekah’s miracle. What she had asked for the night before was realized with the absence of the teachers. What a reception of waves and chuckles as I was introduced as a clown (even though I didn’t look like one). I stood up, took my props to the front of the room and with the help of my best good friend Giggles we told the story of the little apple tree.

Rebekah knew the next day would need a miracle … and she had no doubt her God would provide!