Friday, March 30, 2007


I am Sarajevo

Former war zone
experiencing recovery
but in the deep struggle of a nation
remains in my body, echoes like shrapnel
“why do I do the things I do not want to do?”

The landscape is beautiful
if you squint
if you look past the buildings
filled with bullet holes and mortar blasts
I am working on re-plastering those places
so the evidence of the war I have been through
is inoffensive
after all – I know wounds worry people

There are areas in the city of my psyche
completely repaired
people feel hope in that place
but just when a passerby thought I was safe
they encounter a sign - skull & cross bones
“Beware of mines”
While there haven’t been too many
accidental explosions lately
knowing they are there - and not
knowing where they are
is unsettling.

Even though many scars are re-plastered
and old war wounds healed
the rest of the structure
bore the blasts
and deals with the unseen enemy
who could any day rear its ugly hatred
point a rifle of accusation - and shoot
I have an enemy – who says I am not worthy
of love or life

I am Sarajevo.