Sunday, September 01, 2002

VOLUME 10 - 2002


I wake up far from home and the comfort of my own bed. Where am I? If I am hot – probably Africa or Cuba, if I am cold most likely Russia. And if I am sleeping in the middle of the day, I am in China, where afternoon naps are a welcome part of the culture to a jet-lagged and weary traveler.
I am a stranger in strange lands, an alien constantly adjusting to time zones, climates, and culinary oddities that keep my mouth quiet, my stomach asking, and my heart praying for grace to eat what is put on my plate.
In 2002, the Lord showed Himself in a myriad of ways, diverse as the places and faces of the countries I found myself traveling. Others ask me, “How do you do it?” I answer, “through Him of course” and because of your faithful support and prayers. And as we have gone this message has been preached: The kingdom of heaven is near! Matthew 10:7