Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Love Builds

… the God who builds a road right through the ocean… Isaiah 43:16

To those of you who would like to see Jesus here on earth, may I recommend the Jemima House Orphanage in Israel? I saw Him there on my first visit in 1997 and every visit since. How? Where? In the love, patience and dedication of the founders, Ed and Hellen Volhbehr, in the commitment of the workers tirelessly serving 24 hours a day in a cramped facility. But most of all - in the songs of praise in four languages (Hebrew, Dutch, English, Arabic) from the severely disabled children abandoned and left to die by their families, thriving on the love and care of the Master. I report in 2004 He is still there, blessing the children and workers with His presence and a brand new facility, one specifically designed for serving the needs of the disabled made possible in part by an exceedingly generous donation from a friend of Sunshine After Rain Ministries.

… I rest my feet on earth. So what kind of house will you build me?" says God. Where I can get away and relax? It's already built, and I built it." Acts 7:49-50