Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Walk toward the World (cont)

In one game, she asked four students to perform with her together; one was a girl, the other three were boys. She wore different head decorations, which represents different trees for the three boys, and each of them held a shinning star like angels. But that girl had nothing at all, these three boy acting like trees screamed proudly around the girl: “We are great; We are strong; We are important!” However, the acting girl cried sadly, she was one poor apple tree with nothing, and then Charlynn let her pray, that she be the same image as those strong and important trees. So her resolutions came true after she prayed, but every time she would have new discontents. She wanted to be more like other trees. Then later, she could bear delicious fruits, but she was still unhappy. Suddenly, one apple fell to the ground, broken into two halves. Charlynn said seriously with that broken apple: “Look, in fact, the core of apples are the same. They have no any difference; the difference between them is just outside.” We became quiet all, for an interesting story contain so much wisdom and inspiration of a foreigner.

Another game she played is blowing balloon. She took out a balloon first and asked us how to blow. We gave our ideas such as following: Put it on your mouth first, then blow it. She did as we said, then the balloon fell down from her mouth. Then we said “we also need to tie it after we finish blowing.” So she blew up one balloon. “Now, if I stick this balloon with a big needle, what do you think will happen?” she said. “Surely it will explode” we replied. Some students even covered their ears, but a strange thing happened, the balloon didn’t explode at all after she stuck it.

We all felt so amazed. She told us it depended on how you did it. You know, balloons always have a part on it. If you stick the needle through the thickest part, the balloon will not explode. On the contrary, if you did through the thinnest part, you will definitely hear the sound of explosion. She demonstrated that’s true; it’s just only a common knowledge.
But her purpose is to try to tell us something else, that is how you should treat and guide those cripple people, and how to make them find the best life style for them and no dangers happen to them. The spirits of cripple people are like the thinnest part of balloons, which is easier to be broken, fragile and needs concern badly.

In the meanwhile, it seems like she was reminding us that we should notice the way that we communicate with other people. Don’t find the most fragile and sensitive part of people, the place where it is easy to hurt them. Charlynn said: “Today, the purpose of my program is to help you learn to smile to others. When you face smiles from cripple people of different countries, you will be able to find that they understand you and talk with you from the bottom of their hearts. I also want to say to use your loving heart and smile, then your right ways of communications with others will guide you be able to approach cripple people and bring love and dignity that they need most. I wish that this class could bring a happy memory to you.” She bowed to us to express her thanks. She seemed to be touched by our understanding and warmth towards her. We were full of thinking and gratitude by 3 hours face-to-face talking. What she told us seemed very simple, things we have known since we were children. But her vivid performance reminded us suddenly the simple reasons from the surface have strong function, which at least can make us aware of how to love other people not only those who need help badly in the world. We know she will go to other places to help other people in China. She is very busy, but very happy. Just like words of one song: “I will be happy because others are happy.” She is doing what she likes as most Americans do. She assists people who are in great need of help, and brings them happiness.
She travels different places in the world, playing the role of her own clown. Life is a big stage. Charlynn is also doing THE MISSIONS THAT GOD GIVES HER, playing the role on her own life stage. After class for a long time, we could still remember Charlynn’s smiling face turning up in front of our eyes, inside of which is a heart full of beautiful happiness. We know that she will continue to walk forward to go to other places in the world, bringing people who need help, happiness and good fortune FROM THE GOD.