Friday, March 30, 2007



"Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth..." Matt 5:5

My future inheritance has nothing to do with an impending death in the family. It has to do with a death that occurred almost two thousand years ago; guaranteeing my future and adoption for eternity. Life sure would be easier (at least by the world’s standards) if I already had my treasures, a big bank account and lacking nothing materially. Alas, God’s economical perspective is not mine.

As I “go” and return, and “go” – I try and remind myself, in His accounting of things, we are an international investors. But as He reminds us, where our heart is, our treasure is also. My heart is with the orphans of the world, with the disenfranchised, the displaced and the disabled. There is much to be romanticized about the “adventure”, distant lands and iconic landmarks most never see in a lifetime. But the “theory” of the adventurous journey carries the weight and responsibility of communicating the Good News and telling “God’s Story” to you.

I have seen the Red Square and the Kremlin, but also thousands of Russian orphans hidden in remote and rural institutions constructed by an ideology void of God and, since its collapse, holding no future. I have walked atop the Great Wall in China and entered the once Forbidden City, but I have also seen hundreds of girls abandoned to a life of hopelessness, because in a society with a one child policy, male children are seen as the only future aging parents will have provision. As for those born with a disability, most are virtually discarded and devalued for life. I saw the snows of Kilimanjaro, but also the street children who forage among trash heaps for food. I feel my responsibility is to share the beauty IN the ashes, as well as bringing the hope and truth of the God I love and serve, Who gives beauty FOR ashes.

The Director of Orphan ministry of East West International and I left Russia and traveled on to India. Our teammates were on their way back to the USA, to comfort, family and familiar food. As for us, fighting the good fight of faith as “career officers”, we carry on, to the upward high calling. During the trip, we will analyze the “battlefield”, develop “fighting strategies”, and determine how many “battalions” of willing “soldiers” we will need to enlist to conquer the land! India is a nation with over 300 million gods, the “war” seems hopeless. In the coming days, we will take our cue from a wise Israeli King (Jehoshaphat) who went before His Lord and said,

“The army is too vast for us to conquer …but our are eyes are fixed on You.” 2 Chron 20:12