Sunday, September 01, 2002

Reasons Why

I have counted stars in Cuba
Seen the sunset on the beach
At the shores of western Ghana
Places that seem so out of reach

I have walked the Forbidden City
Stood and marveled in Red Square
You’ve been a faithful Travel Guide
Gone with me everywhere.

Yet I have seen the children suffer
I have heard the mother’s cry
And too often Lord I ask You
“Why, why, why?”

Why are some born into privilege
And some abandoned in the road
Some grow strong and healthy
Yet others carry heavy loads?

Africa, China, Cuba
And former Soviet Lands
You are sending forth Your servant
So I can be Your hands.

I will trust You in Africa
Though a child’s wounds crawl with flies
When hunger swells their bellies
When questions fill their eyes.

I will trust You in China
Where Great Walls stand against the Word.
When tears run down an orphans face
The Good News yet unheard.

I will trust You in Russia
With 600,000 souls
Forgotten in the orphan homes
For them I will be bold.

I will trust You in Cuba
With the things I don’t understand
Politics and embargoes
And such suffering in the land.

I will trust You, I will trust You
Because it is required
For faith is built on Hope unseen
Eternal treasure, Your desire.